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Here you will find the training you need to fill out a notice of excavation. This training is referred to as Web Ticket Entry (WTE) training. The WTE application is intended for professional excavators. By using the system at this level, callers become very familiar with the notification requirements. It is designed for those users with large ticket volumes.

Contacting Virginia 811 and filling out a notice of excavation before you dig protects underground utility lines, protects you and your crew, and the neighborhoods you are working in. It’s also important to know that it’s the law here in Virginia. As a web ticket entry user, you become an essential partner in damage prevention. Your interest in our training program exemplifies your commitment to that partnership.

We use an interactive approach to learning, meaning that you will have access to our ticket entry test server and be able to practice what you are learning. Your training will begin with basic instructions for completing a Normal ticket. The specialized training courses are designed to enhance your skills and can be completed at your own pace.

Please allow up to 90 minutes (or more depending on your pace) to complete the basic training course.

We provide three learning methods so that you can choose the best option to match your learning style:

  • Self-paced Online Video Course
    • Series of short video modules completed on your own schedule
  • Self-Guided Course
    • Completed on your own schedule
  • Participation in a Virtual Instructor-Led Course with a qualified instructor
    • Scheduled by Appointment

By registering, you will gain access to WTE training. Scroll down if you need additional training Click here!.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Upon successfully completing training to use the Virginia811 Ticket Entry software, any person who is a professional excavator or operates in a supporting role to a professional excavator, such as an office manager, is eligible to enter tickets.

Any person who is interested in processing notices of excavation or tickets on their own should:

  • Call 811 and process a few tickets with one of our Damage Prevention Specialists to gain an understanding of the information needed to complete a ticket and what steps should be taken to ensure the accuracy of each ticket
  • Successfully complete one of the three Web Ticket Entry training courses offered on the Virginia811 Academy
  • Pass all quizzes with an 80% or higher score
  • Receive certification
  • Sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the Web Ticket Entry Agreement Form
  • Receive an account and password

You register by logging into and fill out the registration form

You can choose from the learning options that best match your learning style and you will be given access to the test or training Ticket Entry software so you can practice as you learn.   You can choose from the following independent learning options:

  • Self-paced online videos with modules
  • Self-guided courses designed for those learners who prefer reading and following written instruction
  • Participate in virtual, instructor-led courses (scheduled by appointment).

You will take a series of short quizzes at the end of each section or at the conclusion of your training that will help reinforce what you have learned.  Scoring 80% or better for each quiz will qualify you to receive your own account and password once you sign the Web Ticket Entry Agreement form.

You can take the independent learning training as often as you like.  If you would like to attend the instructor-led training, please make an appointment to do so.

When you start processing tickets on your own, your tickets will be audited for quality.  If any concerns are found, a member of the Quality Team will contact you to assist with correcting any tickets with safety concerns and offer suggestions to help you process your tickets accurately.  You may also receive suggestions or feedback via email. 

Most Web Ticket Entry users can enter Normal, Update, Remark, and Cancel tickets. Currently, only Virginia811-member utility operators can enter Emergency tickets.  Access to processing 3HR Notice tickets is gradually being rolled out to current Web Ticket Entry users. Users that are granted Emergency and 3HR Notice access receive additional training. Access to these features can be removed by Virginia811.


Upon successful completion of one of the three Web Ticket Entry training courses offered at Virginia811 Academy, the user must sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the Web Ticket Agreement Form. Then, within 48 hours, the user will receive an email with their username and password.

Web Ticket Entry accounts will automatically expire after a year.  You will receive a renewal notice via email 14 days before your account expires. Click the link in the email to extend the account for another year or contact Help Desk by calling 811.

You and only you can use your account and password to process tickets.

When you are notified that a concern exists for one of your tickets, you must speak with a member of the Quality Team so the ticket can be corrected.  Should you fail to respond to the request or continue to process inaccurate tickets and make no effort to correct the problems or issues, your account will be suspended until you receive further training.

You can enter tickets twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and on any day of the year.  Tickets entered prior to midnight on any “working day” (defined in the Damage Prevention Act as every day except Saturdays, Sundays, and legal state and national holidays) will have time periods calculated beginning at 7:00 AM on the next working day after they are entered.  

We recommend Chrome or Firefox

Call 811 and select the option for the Help Desk and a Senior Damage Prevention Specialist will be happy to help you.

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We recommend our users complete the academy courses using the google chrome browser!