Remark and Update: Self-Guided Course

Remark and Update Ticket Handbook

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Remark and Update

The Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act makes a provision for those situations when marks are destroyed by weather, construction, or when work will extend beyond the 15 working days that a Normal, Remark, or Update ticket is valid.

At the conclusion of training, you will learn when and how to complete an Update or Remark ticket on an existing Normal, Update or Remark ticket that you originally processed.  You will understand that the utility operator or underground line locator has 48 hours, starting at 7am the next working day to respond to an Update or Remark ticket and that an Update or a Remark ticket is valid for an additional 15 working days.  You will also learn how to review a ticket to ensure that the Update or Remark is being processed on the correct ticket.

1.) Remark and Update Ticket
Quiz: Remark & Update Ticket
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